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Company information

ITConsult-Pro Information Technology PLC (ITC) was founded in late 1995 by IT professionals with decades of experience.

Our effort in business is to successfully apply innovative products and services at our partners. We aspire to cover the whole life cycle, starting with exploring the initial ideas, continuing with developing individual products and launching them on the market, to finally obtain the accomplished, standard product.

Accordingly, we are continuously participating in research and development (R&D) projects to develop and sell specifically innovative, marketable services and products. We are aware of supporting our services and products for a long time period.

Our customers can benefit from innovative aspirations while we try to keep the balance between the changes coming in parallel with innovation and the possibilities and goals of our partners.

Last years ITC was involved in several complex, large scale software development projects, mainly in the field of SW integration for company ERP legacy systems as well as development of new SW tools with algorithms based on a solid mathematical background. ITC’s main customers are usually multinational companies with production facilities located in Hungary, as well as SME-s interested in infrastructure services.


IT Services. Innovation. Competence.



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