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Document management

Remote access of digital content

Providing digital content via the internet makes available concordant content handling and allows companies to promptly inform employees and partners. Dangers may surface concerning possible unauthorized accesses to certain materials and with regard to subsequent modifications of downloaded content by certain partners. These problems are avoidable by properly organized accesses to documents and carefully chosen file formats that provide customized settings of their valid operations. We constructed our solution named DOCU-Navi with respect to this methodology, aiming to ease accessibility to documents created at given institutional structures (companies, institutes, firms) for specific groups of employees and partners.


Structure and usage
The two main components of DOCU-Navi are the collection of documents and the web- application that allows accessing of documents, registering and managing of users.

The smallest components of the document collection are the documents that are stored chapterwise in a directory hierarchy, with uniquely identifiable labels and grouped by access permissions. They may be handled separately or grouped. Documents are classified to chapters by topic. Within one chapter, documents can be differentiated to low level documents that form one separate element, and documents of content type that are present at least with one instance for every multipart topic group.

Updating is possible using remote access supplied to the directory hierarcy in view of the storage structure. The catalog document is also expandable but one can upload completely new topics as well. Easy navigation among documents placed in separate topics is the primary consideration when displaying. PDF, Excel and Word documents referenced from the HTML page are opened in a new browser window.

The User Component of the web application providing user management decides of a user if he/she is authorized to access the documents while the Administrational Component allows easy management of those authorized to register (listing users, adding new users, modifying or deleting user profiles, suspending accounts, re-generating forgotten passwords).

Document access has two levels:
- visitors can read the introduction text and main contents only,
- registered users can copy, download or print served documents.

Materials to be protected from subsequent modifications should be converted to PDF documents. Sources of PDF documents are WORD documents edited by the user. Names of the PDFs are generated from the source file name. Allowed operations on a PDF document are encoded in a file according to the user needs, protected with password to disallow unauthorized modification.

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