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Software development

Priority activity of ITC is the development of web-applications connected to company ERP systems (applications, interfaces, databases, etc.) based on leading software technology, as well as the development of stand-alone small-sized, tailor-made applications.

Partners of ITC are supported by solutions covering the whole life-cycle of software products. ITC provides services and consultancy both in predevelopment phase (requirement, design) regarding surveys, analysis, R&D activities and in development phase (implementation, verification). The change management and maintenance of the deployed software products can be supported by ITC’s support team.

The success of our software products is not only due to the high-level IT knowledge of our professionals, but the essential engineering approach, which ensures the rapid and effective cooperation with our partners.

DM - an integrated production monitoring and evaluation system

DM is a real-time support system for production monitoring and evaluation.

- Makes current and future production information transparent
- Helps identifying late orders and material shortages
- Decreases the number of late customer orders

User interface of DM
- Dynamic HTML pages
- Optimized for fast interaction
- Multilanguage labels
- Enables export to spreadsheets
- Intensive usage of colours for state description and notification
- JavaScript validation on input screens
- Protection against SQL injection, XSS and HTML response splitting attacks

Structure and applied technology
- General Java Enterprise Edition v1.5 application
- Tomcat 5.5 application server
- Linux operation system
- Several open source libraries
- Screens generated by JSP
- Continuous static code validation for controlling code quality (e.g., FindBugs)


Interactive Gantt visualisation – order management view

Interactive Gantt visualisation – operators’ availability view

Parameter-setting screen


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