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Server hosting

Constant presence on the Internet is a steady part of the daily work of a company, requiring the background of fast and reliable web servers.
ITC’s server hosting service provides both hosting the web sites of our customers on our own centralized web servers with high bandwidth connections, and hosting complete computers in our server farm. Our server room provides perfect environment for different equipments to operate effectively: air-conditioned area, uninterruptible power supply, 0-24 supervision and broadband BIX connection are guaranteed.

What we offer...

Virtual server service
Housing individual computers
Performing security backups
Protection with Firewall
Providing mail systems
Constant system supervision
Controlled admission

Server room

Placement both in self or rack system
Network (1Gb BIX, 10Mb international)
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Redundant power source
server rooms with supervised air-conditioning
0-24 hours phisical admission


Save cost with our server hosting service!

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